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Club President: Graham Du Feu               Secretary: Suzanne Du Feu 

Email: jerseytrials@gmail.com 


Founded in 2000 the club tries to put the fun back into motorcycle trials. You don't have to be a skilled rider to compete and there is always help at hand. Come and watch at one of our events and then try your hand at trials. Trials bikes can be bought cheaply and are usually reliable and designed to take the odd tumble. Keeping your feet up - is the name of the game.All sport is about winning, but not all off-road motorbike competitions are about maximum speed. That doesn't necessarily mean however that there isn't going to be an adrenalin rush! But generally Trials events are by their very nature, a far more relaxed day out - as long as nothing goes to far wrong!

At the top level the sport is definitely 'Extreme', with most sections appearing to be 'certain death' to most mere mortals. 20 foot almost vertical climbs, huge leaps between giant boulders on the edge of a deep chasm - from a standing start, or trying to navigate slippery moss strewn waterfall sections with hidden submerged rocks, is certainly not for the faint hearted.But luckily for beginners and mere club riders, those sorts of hazards are nowhere in sight

Club Patron: Sammy Miller

Our patron Sammy Miller is a legend in his own lifetime. In 1951 he made his competition debut at the age of 16. 
Today Sammy is still winning events more than 70 years later.

Sammy Miller is eleven times British Champion and has won the European (World) Champion twice.

He is a winner of over 1300 trials, 9 gold medals and the international six days as well as coming 3rd in the World Grand Prix Championship in 1957.

He is probably the world's most successful trials rider. In addition to his championship credits, Sammy was also responsible for the design of the Ariel, Bultaco and Honda trials machines.