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Beginnning of season letter 2022/23



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             Mr. G. A. du Feu                                                                                                                       Mrs. S. du Feu

             Haut de la Vallee                                                                                                                       Haut de la Vallee

             Rue de la Vallee                                                                                                                        Rue de la Vallee                                                                              

             St Mary                                                                                                                                     St Mary

             Jersey C I                                                                                                                                  Jersey C I

             JE3 3DL                                                                                                                                    JE3 3DL

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{11 times British and twice European Champion}

14th August 2022


Dear Rider


The 2022/2023 will soon be upon us.  Entries are still to be sent online to the Secretary by 6pm on the Thursday before the trial or by post with the correct entry fee.  Riders will be required to have their own punches and lanyards.  A limited number will be available to purchase from the Club.  We have a full season of events planned. We hope to have a junior practice day, as yet to be confirmed. 


We wish to thank Richard Pallot, Josh Troy and James Bertie Roberts who put on an excellent display at JIMF.  Also thank you to all the juniors who also took part and for their exemplary behaviour in the public arena.


Events are open to Club Members only.  Memberships are due on 1st September. Memberships and entries remain unchanged from last Season and are as follows: -


Membership – Senior - £40                  

                       Junior - £25

                        Family (up to 18 years of age) £50

Entries -          Senior - £15                                               Nonmembers – Entry fee £25.00

                       Junior - £12.00                                         (No Championship points)


Junior and Senior events – 11 Championship trials (9 to count – minimum 6 to qualify) 


This Season Juniors will be run by Eddie du Feu and the Junior Committee (Lee Morley, Alun Roberts, Stevie Leonard and Lee Dare)



Good luck and stay safe.


Graham, Suzanne and the Committee – Andy Bellee, Andy Simpson, Eddie du Feu, Alan Bertram, David Lucken, John Le Monnier, Nick Coote, Steve Elliott, Alun Roberts, 

Lee Morley, Stevie Leonard and Lee Dare.


*The Committee Reserves the right to change any of the above*

*Those who didn’t pick up their trophies at the last trial, they can be picked up at the first event.